Wednesday, March 19, 2014

rock party!

My daughter attended another kiddie party last weekend with a rock star theme. And yes, kids came in with their awesome costume to match the theme. There are even boys who are truly in character with their mini&nbspguitars and save on pmp4000 from guitar center to boot! While the little girls strut out their selves with an aura of their favorite music celebrity! And yes, my daughter came in as Katy Perry with her polka dotted dress and floral turban!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

printing options

If only I listen to my friend who suggested that I get a compact printer during the last holiday sale, I shouldn't be worrying much now. You see, no one told me that pre-school nowadays requires so many cut out/drawn assignments! And the fact that I can't draw makes the matter worst. Unfortunately, we can't submit cut out projects/assignments too because we don't have books or other magazines to cut! And worst, the assignments are vastly available over the net but can't print 'em because we don't have a printer itself! So there, found out that prices of that and even those trade printer are pretty expensive down here compare to online tag we saw during the last sale. So there, it's either I close my eyes and opt to buy the ones being offer here at way to pricey tag or wait for another sale season but deal with the non stop hunt from magazines for my daughter's cut out assignments or beg the husband to draw! life can be so full of options eh?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


February as we all know is one of the favoured month of couples to tie the knot. It's probably because it is connected with the love month, thus the season to get married is also in the air. Being a photographer, I came to notice how clients specially the ones who are based in other countries chooses to schedule their wedding on this month, actually they said that it is also the time of the year when they get to snag lots of items from the year-end sale even their awesome wedding bands by Scott Kay! Now that's what you call practicality eh?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

bass loud

A friend who is into band for years now has finally decided to move a knotch when it comes to their group's genre. I heard that they will be playing more hard core music, meaning more new gibson earl scruggs banjo strings at Musicians Friend when it comes to loudness and all. I'm sure their followers will be able to embrace their career move and will still continue to support them all throughout their music career.

Friday, December 6, 2013

music and lyrics

Have you heard about the latest fuzz called the iPod tagging or ibanez rg8 review? This latest crazed will surely make the techy people out there go gaga over this exciting new product. To give you an overview, this new thing is just like your ordinary iPod where you listen your downloaded and saved music from iTunes. The only thing is that it is now HD Radio Receiver or high definition, its just like your ordinary am/fm tuner but has an edge when it comes to clarity and definition, meaning, you'll be able to hear all your favorite music but with a more digital quality and great sound output.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

nearing 8th

Some friends of mine might remember another special occasion of this month, as the husband and I will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. Thus, my husband and I are already wondering what special presents to give each other to commemorate our eight years of married life! as for my wish, I would want to receive an eternity ring or anything sparkling as long as it’s the real thing. While the husband is still clueless on what he wants… and since we’re getting near our special day, I’m already checking out stuff that might make him happy… thinking of giving him a small parry complete with dance and lots of music, especially now that he's wedding dj in north carolina friend is here for a vacation... we’ll see!

good times with

Was out with these girls some days ago to celebrate Trinity's 32nd happiness party and boy it was a blast! food and great talks plus enormous amount of laughter! Looking forward to seeing these ladies again soon.

saya pala ng instamag hahaha! @bebepeachy


As I mentioned earlier about our heated clothing and cheap clothing shopping sometime last week, we are now actually waiting for the items to arrive anytime! Thus making all the girls so excited, well yes, including myself! And guess what, I believe that we are not going to stop after this, for a lot of them are already doing their rounds again on the site! Clicking out the newest arrivals and probably listing downs their eye candies! And you wonder if the site also sells out costumes and special line of clothing like princess for theChristmas? they sure do! one stop shop it is!

December giveaway

#ksnaps #ksnapsproductions eco friendly katsa bag

Here's our December giveaway for clients :) ecobag with our name in print! loving eco bags :)

Monday, November 11, 2013


They say classical music is a must for pregnant women. I friend told me that she made a right choice listening to classical music while she was still pregnant with her child because just recently her unica hija bagged the best in Math award. Proud mother as she is of her six year old. How nice it would be for pregnant moms to listen to classical music in such a grandiose set up with the orchestra with all the rackmounted ac switch panel at musicians friend, Cello, Violins and the rest.