Friday, August 22, 2008


A friend of my mom who owns a mini drugstore in the commercial spots of the subdivision recently opened a new branch, well having to open a new store means their business really booms right? I believe it's because they don't over priced their products unlike the other drugstores who just shut down, imagine they are almost one to two bucks pricier compare to my mom's friend prices. Actually, the new drugstore branch that they open is a generics store, meaning, they sell out the most affordable unbranded medicines in the market today, a lot cheaper compare to the well known prescription drugs, but as what to their promotional flyers says, the medicines that they sell are 100% effective just like what the branded slash expensive ones. It is such a good news for everyone living nearby the drugstore because now, they wouldn't have to worry about the pricey medicines and drugs they need to buy because now generics are already available!
Anyways, if you still want to make sure regarding your prescribed medicine, you can actually check the prices and other details of the said drugs online, the said site actually help patients regarding the medicines they need to take, so if you wanted to know more about your prescribed medicines, visit and see for yourself!