Tuesday, April 29, 2008

round up

I suddenly realized that I got tons of recent photos that hasn't been shared here... yeah, yeah, the laziness virus got me too! making me so lazy on posting and updating my blogs... my bad... so to cover up for the lost times, let me share to you our random escapades captured :)

my toddler doing her walking stints in a grassy ground of Our Lady of Lourdes... she must have love the cool breezy weather of the place because she doesn't thrown any tantrums or pag-totoyo the whole time we were there :) I was in heaven!

some yummy treats from the locals making kulit on the people having their best time exploring the city... sometimes they can really ick you, but then again they are just doing the best they can to earn some moolah... we ended up buying my favorite Espasol :)

lined up Stations of the Cross at one church --that I forgot.

some yummy organic lettuce, cane vinegar, tomatoes, cucumber up for sale- a common scenario in Tagaytay. we brought some good quantity of lettuce -- veggie lovers ine! :)

KP Creations

Now here's another batch of KP Creations cuppies that we made for our May 25 wedding order... the pagod and the puyat was all worth it, I tell you, after hearing how our customer love the cupcakes when she picked it up this morning! :)
This is it na talaga! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008




Name one thing that is unique about you. i can eat most of the leftover foods straight from the fridge. my husband finds it eeww! lol


Fill in the blank: My favorite past time is being a couch potato


What type of wood do you have for your home’s furnishings? Palo China for the dining table

Main Course

Who do you talk to most often on the phone? life and all the crap!


What level of responsibility do you have in your job? 100% responsibility being a mother and a home maker :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's here!


yes, my set is here! :)

happiness!!! arrived yesterday together with the free samples. after 20 days of waiting, it's all good! love the colors and the kabuki brushes! :) i had to try it as soon it arrived, and the finish is sooo great! i look so maganda! joke. lol..

super excited kaya try agad!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This blog accepts all kinds of paid advertising. thanks!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Ang Mga Litrato sa ibaba ay ang aking lahok sa linggong ito... Ihip ng Hangin

(the photos below are my entries for this week's theme... Wind --mhen, what is ihip in english?! breeze?! gosh! lol)...
1. Malamig ang Ihip ng hangin sa itaas ng bundok na ito patungo sa Caylabne Bay sa Tarnate, naisip naming tumigil at mag-pu-mose muna bago namin tuluyang tahakin ang pansamantalang bakasyunan. Ayan ang aking mag-ama na masayang pu-mose para sa akin...

(1. The wind is cool on the mountain top going to Caylabne Bay in Ternate, we decided to take some photos before we headed for our short vacation at the beach. Here is my two who happily oblige on my request for a pose...)

2. Eto naman ang pangalawa, kuha sa araw ng kapanganakan ng aking kapatid, wala kameng kandilang gawa para sa kanyang keyk (hahaha!) kaya gumamit kame ng esperma mapagbigyan lang ang hilig ng mga chikiting ng pamilya... ayan nag-una-unahan sila sa pag ihip ng kandila.

(2. The next photo were taken during my sister's birthday, since we didn't have a birthday candle, we decided to improvise and use an esperma candle just to give in to what the kids wants... to blow the candle of the cake! and yes, they compete on who will be able to blow the candle first!) maybe she wishes for another online university degree

Mic Mic

Micmic's 7th Birthday Party
March 8, 2008

as mentioned a few week's back, i got a coverage booking for a birthday princess party referred by my friend Glen... it was such an honor for me to do so since knowing the family with oh so many experiences with various photographers it was me whom the mommy chose to do her unica hija's party. so what i did was prepped myself up so that i can do my job with great ease and prowess :)
here are some of the photos that i took...

obviously the princess is so beautiful on and off cam! and she is one bubbly girl i tell you... not to mention uber talkative! she talks to me every so often while i snap and she doesn't stop there too, she wants me to answer everything she asks! lol... it was an uber fun time!

even her make up stylist had to run after her with her so many getaway escapes during her preps... good thing Micmic is so flawlessly beautiful already...

and see? she loves to pose! yep yep! she can imitate every single pose i told her to do so... she loves seeing flash and all... and yes at some point she even asked me why my flash is not working, oh my...how can i explain to a 7 year old gal that i'm using a natural lighting effects?! i was dumbfounded!

imeldific! she loves shoes! and she was torn on what to wear on her pre party pictorial, one minute she likes to wear the open toe pink shoes, the other minute she loves the strapless sandals..then she opted to bare foot while prepping up! kids...

i love this gold sandals... i wonder if this has a size 9? lol...

beautiful little girl... she'll be soon breaking hearts :) better watch out boys!

her mommy was able to strictly stick with a Disney Princess theme that even her prepping out clothes were princess inspired too! imagine her party venue... uber bongga! will post pictures next time...
here is one of the uber many party pics, can you see the three dragons? love the face paint in every kid! the face painter was so fast she was able to finish almost 80 kids faces! yes... 80!
I wonder how this lady will celebrate her 18th bday... and if she'll take those online college courses!

so... how do you like my photos? any feedback? :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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