Friday, July 31, 2009

Cory Aquino

Icon of  Philippine Democracy-Cory Aquino 1933-2009
Former Philippines President Corazon Aquino has died at the age of 76, her family said.

She had been suffering from colon cancer for more than a year and recently announced she was refusing further treatment.

Her family had said she was leaving her fate to God, prompting church services offering prayers for her health.

Mrs Aquino became president when the 1986 "people power" uprising deposed former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

"Our mother peacefully passed away at 0318 [1918 GMT Friday] of cardio-respiratory arrest," Mrs Aquino's son, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr, told the media.

"She would have wanted us to thank each and every one of you for all the prayers and the continuous love and support," he said.

"It was her wish for all of us to pray for one another and for the country."

Mrs Aquino, who was known as Tita (Aunty) Cory, had been admitted to hospital about a month ago suffering from a loss of appetite related to her condition.

In a statement at the time, her family said they remained "in complete trust in God's infinite healing power".

"She has and always will be a woman of faith, a fighter, a source of hope and inspiration for all of us, not just her family but our entire nation as well," the statement said.

A series of daily masses were held to pray for Mrs Aquino's health, at least one of which was attended by her former political rivals, President Joseph "Erap" Estrada and former first lady Imelda Marcos.


Dream Nook

The people who know the real me, knows how I truly prefer simple things - not the fancy ones actually. And if ever given a chance to have my own nook on our future house, I'd probably have one corner just like this (see photo below). Shabby yet simple, bright and inviting. Perfect for my "me" time while reading my favorite book, blogging or just doing my hobby at that time. It'll be be great for an afternoon tea time with my husband and will surely be use as a frequent hangout for my daughter and me while we talk about life or just look at the window enjoy the view and relax. :D

**photo grabbed from here

I don't hear you.


I was telling my daughter earlier to smile for the camera so we can show her dad how she looks like in her clothes before we head out.But look what she did! Covered her ears and pretend as if I doesn't exist in front of her! Funny and at the same time made me pissed, but then again, she's on her terrible two stage so I had to accept and understand that :D Anyways, I still find her drama so cute thus I took a couple of shots more before we went out :D

ayaw makinig

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WW: Bee Parteee



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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WW: The Gang

madagascar meets ice age

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My message from GOD today

In God We Trust
On this day of your life, Kathy, we believe God wants you to know...
... that to find out who you are becoming find stories that move your heart.

Just like a seed has an image of the tree in it, so does your heart have an image of who you are becoming. Look for stories in movies and books that resonate in your heart, and you will find glimpses of your possible futures. What is your favorite story?


1. What was the last thing you purchased from a vending machine?
:: hot coffee at the hospital lobby

2. What was the last thing you made copies of on a photocopier?
:: My driver's license requirements

3. When did you last use a pay telephone?
:: oh I can't even remember

4. How often do you visit an automatic teller machine?
:: twice a month :D

5. Which of your daily tasks would you most like to see automated?
:: cooking and doing the laundry

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saturday 9


1. If you have been or are married, tell us about your wedding. If you are not, tell us how would you want it to be.
:: simple but huge

2. What age would you encourage your children to get married?

:: for my daughter? as long as she's ready

3. Who got married at the last wedding that you attended?

:: childhood friend

4. Do you enjoy weddings and receptions?
:: yep

5. Have you cried at a wedding?

:: yeah

6. Would you prefer a lavish event or a intimate ceremony?

:: Intimate.

7. Have you ever been in some one’s wedding party? If yes, do tell.

:: lots!

8. Does a wedding make you happy and sentimental or grouchy and skeptical?

:: happy

9. Why do you think our divorce rate is so high?

People get married for the all the wrong reasons these days and marriage is no longer being held sacred. It’s a better and for worse situation. And it’s FOR LIFE.

Friday Fillins



Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!
1. The last thing I ate was puto and piatos. What a great combination eh?
2. cellphone load are something I recently bought.
3. When it rains, it floods!
4. Mom was the first person I talked to today.
5. Hugs are comforting.
6. My kid needs extra comfort.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing tasks, tomorrow my plans include hearing anticipated Mass and Sunday, I want to clean up our house and stay for a night there.

Random Q's 25


1. How’s your mood today? :: Happy and Energized!

2. What’s one thing you do when you’re mad?
:: I cry and nag

3. Any lessons in life that you would like to share? :: Share and receive more

4. How do you feel about your hair right now? :: I need a new hair cut and color!

5. What’s something you really want right now, be honest?
:: Be with my husband! oh thing?! I want a blackberry!

6. If someone were to spell your name wrong, how would they spell it?
:: Cathy with a C!

7. If you were given $100, would you spend it, or save it?
:: Spend spend spend!

8. Do you crack your knuckles? :: nah...

9. Do you ever write notes on your hand?
:: used to!

10. Have you ever fallen backwards on a chair? :: many of times! shameful experience...

Thanks, Chi!

Really Now?!

You Are Medium-Skinned
You can be sensitive at times, but that's totally normal.
Your sensitivity means you can be empathetic and compassionate, even if you're a bit thin-skinned.

You take what people think into account but you try not to let it get to you.
It's hard not to take things personally, but you do your best.


Friday, July 10, 2009

body language

That are said to be seen on women... which should be avoid because here are the meanings of those...
  • Tilting your head - A sign of listening that can be misinterpreted as one of submission or even flirting.
  • Folding your hands on your lap - Hiding your hands under a conference table or desk, for example, signals untrustworthiness; a cue from ancient times, when men would reveal their palms to show they were unarmed.
  • Crossing your legs - A sign of resistance.
  • Excessive smiling - An indication that you lack gravitas and seriousness.
  • Folding your arms in front of you - Translates to insecurity or defensiveness.
  • Playing with or tugging at your hair, jewelry or clothes - Can signal distress or, again, be misinterpreted as flirting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friday fill ins



Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!
1. When I heard Michael Jackson died I was really in shock like most.
2. Laughter is the best medicine.
3. It's late, but but I need to work because there are expiring tasks
4. Looks like I've been itching to shop online again, I have to control myself as always.
5. My eyes have seen the worst.
6. I love my family & friends strongly.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting and playing with my girl, tomorrow my plans include running some errands and Sunday, I want to go to mass!

Digital Daddy Blog Contest


Expo Dad banner


It is easy to join the Digital Daddy Blog Contest. Here are the mechanics:

1. All you need to do is answer the question: "How are you creatively using the internet to help you in raising your kids?"

2. To officially enter the contest, just enter your answer in the comment or put a link to your blog post. Any parent can join. Deadline of Entries is on July 15, Wednesday.

3. The best answers get the following prize:

1st Prize: Overnight accommodation in a One-bedrrom suite for 2 people in Astoria Plaza inclusive of breakfast buffet (worth P5,279++) valid until Nov 2009. Astoria Plaza is located along J. Escriva Drive, Pasig City

2nd Prize: Regular Lunch or Dinner Buffet for 2 people at Cafe Astoria (worth P1,318++ ) valid until Nov 2009

3rd Prize: Gymboree Annual membership Gift Certificate (worth P1,800) valid until May 10, 2010

4. On top of the top 3 prizes, I'm giving away one (1) complimentary seat to one Maven Secrets Hands-on Workshop of your choice for all the quality answers that I can use for my presentation in Expo Dad. You can choose from any of these Maven Hands-ON workshops:

August 8, Saturday: Photoblogging Workshop: The Art and Science of Story
Telling through photos (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

August 15, Saturday: Mastering the Google Adsense Game and Advertising
through Blogs (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

August 22, Saturday: Mastering Pay Per Click Marketing through Google
Adwords (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

September 5, Saturday: Professional Blogging Workshop: Writing Timeless and
Viral Articles Online and Wordpress 101 (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

5. I will announce the winners on July 16, Thursday.

6. You can ONLY claim the prizes and complimentary seat to the Maven Hands-ON workshop during Expo Dad.

7. Entrance Fee to Expo Dad will be waived for all people joining this contest. Please make sure to put your complete name in your blog post or comment entry.

8. I will be in the Daddy Bloggers booth the entire day. Visit me if you want to learn how to setup your own Daddy Blog. Also, get a chance to meet Marvin Macatol of in person who will join me in the afternoon in the booth.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WW: Sways

island cove

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Flickr Search

The concept:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

The questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food? right now?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. What is one word that describes you?
12. What is your flickr name?

here's mine:
1. Lady Katherine Grey and her son Lord Edward Beauchamp, 2. T-Bone 3. San Sebastian 4. Purple fingers, 5. Sam Milby, 6. Mocha Frappucino, 7. Last day in Paris, 8. coffee and chocolate mousse cake, 9. Cabin Attendant of China Eastern Airline I, 10. In his father's hands..., 11. Day 124 : It's a Nice Day for a... Striped Wedding., 12. Cute cat

Feel free to snag! this is so fun!

Rules of a Good Marriage

by Gerald Foley

Silence is a relationship need to FIGHT
Studies show that couples who fight have a stronger relationship and marriage. An old axiom says, "The dirtiest fighter is the one who refuses to fight at all." Someone who doesn't want to rock the boat, and skirts the issues to avoid conflict, ultimately damages the relationship. Fighting can actually get us through a conflict to a level of greater intimacy. So, Fight for your's the best thing you can do.

Fight Fairly
Remember that you are trying to grow together. Often we learned unhealthy or unfair ways of fighting from parents or from our culture.
These make winning at any cost the most important goal. If one spouse wins...both lose.

No Name Calling
Calling a spouse a name such as "stupid" simply backs that person away from a fight. Do not call each other names except the affectionate ones you normally use, such as "Honey" or "Dear."

Do Not Involve Other People
The argument is between the two of you. Young couples make the mistake of involving friends or parents (usually mothers). The damage comes later in several forms; 1) A parent will more than likely remember the issue long after a couple has forgotten. 2) The respect and perception once held by a parent for a childs spouse will decline. 3) A couple may feel uncomfortable facing the parent even after an incident has been resolved. 4) A parents natural reaction is to protect a child and this reaction may cause further damage to the relationship.

No Past History
If it's already been settled, don't bring it up again. It is irrelevant and merely a way to smear your partner. It is OK to go back to learn, but not to get something on your spouse.

Stick to the Subject
Stay focused. Find the issue and don't bring in other issues just to prove your point. When he comes home later and she feels taken for granted or unloved, deal with feelings to make the real issue apparent.

Don't Hit Below the Belt
Don't throw your partners weaknesses in his or her face.
You may win the argument but lose more than you gain.
On the other hand, don't be too sensitive to what your spouse says.

Don't Go to Bed Angry
Finish the Fight. Dragging a fight out is as life-draining as avoiding a fight. Unresolved anger can destroy intimacy.

Maintain a Sense of Humor
Laughter is sometimes the best medicine. It's good to be able to laugh at yourselves, but don't laugh at or make fun of your spouse.

Hold Hands and/or Look in Each Others Eyes.

Being in contact with each other, rather than turning your backs, is the hardest rule. However, it takes the focus from the issue and places it where it belongs, namely on the most important person in your life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

WS: I crave... Garides mi Feta Spaghetti - Greek Gambas Pasta

Garides mi Feta Spaghetti - Greek Gambas Pasta

---Roasted shrimp with tomatoes, Feta cheese, spaghetti. served with grated Parmesan cheese.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lola Techie plays counter strike!


really funny! :D