Friday, December 31, 2010

new year, new happenings


Tomorrow night, we will say goodbye to 2010 and we’ll welcome the New Year, 2011. The days really gone fast and we sometimes say “It’s like about we just have celebrated the last year’s New Year yesterday and here we are now, celebrating another year to come”. After January, February will come next and when we say February, we will celebrate Valentine’s day and of course Prom. Different prom dresses 2011 will come up and of course ladies will look astonishing in their gowns.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



There are companies who handle different types of documents. Some are confidential but some can be viewed by public. Law offices, insurance companies, transport companies need to file different documents. And due environment pollution, document management software had been invented. Most of us adopt the “paperless” workplace, instead we use electronic documents. Helping the environment can really make us feel better and I personally hope for a better environment for the future children.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Preparing for V-day


Time flies so fast! imagine, Christmas is finally over and before we all know it, New year will go fast as lighting too. And what comes after the New Year? yes, it’s V day! the most awaited time of the lovey doves out there. Would you believe that there are girls who really love to celebrate the hearts day with their prince charming? But of course, their prince must come with the nicest Valentine's Day bouquets for him to swoon her head over heels! :D Just like these love star gazer flower bouquet :D,1&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.5,1.0,0.0,0&wid=213&hei=248

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gold to help


Au or the symbol of gold had been known for so many years now. It is known for its elegant property and the benefits it can give to any individual. It is a good investment too because it is appreciating while the stock market can’t make a large profit. Many people now started to invest in ways like to buy gold bullion and United States Gold Bureau is more than willing to help anyone of us. They will teach us the benefits that only gold can give us. In fact, investing in gold is really one of the best investments we can make especially today that we are experiencing global economic crisis

Sunday, December 12, 2010

save the date!


Preparing for an event requires hard work and it is a very tiring job as well. There are lots of particulars to settle for a party but it can’t be successful if the celebrant will celebrate it without the guests. So, it is very important that the invited guests can come to the party. save the date cards are easy to make and easy to order from different stores. Through this, your guests will be able to save a certain date for your event.


High technology gadgets are very famous nowadays. Most of us own a cell phone and there are many of us who actually possess two or more cellular phones. There are lots of electronic gadgets available today. We often hear our kids requesting for this kind of items. ipods are known by teens and kids and in fact even adults want to own this particular gadget.

NBA fan!


Most men love watching or playing basketball. In fact, you will usually see them in front of televisions during NBA finals. Most of them actually collect NBA items like nba shirts, jerseys, shorts and many more. So, this coming Christmas season, a gift from NBA collections to your husband, boyfriend, father or brother is a nice choice. They will truly appreciate this type of stuff especially if they are a basketball lover.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

5th wedding anniversary


December is our wedding anniversary. In fact, it’s our 5th year this year! Oh yeah! It might be a not so long union but for us, it is already considered as another milestone! With all our bouts in our married life, reaching 5 years is a big deal! That is why, we are thinking of celebrating it with a bang, er, not the party thing kind of celebration but more of giving each other nice presents on our special day. And if you’d ask me what I would want, one of those fab eternity rings would make me high with giddiness! :D Well, I just hope the husband will see this post, and if not, probably I’d tell him straight! haha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nikon: The Great Lens Sale!


Nikon Lens SALE (Dec 6 - Dec 31 2010) participating resellers list:
Columbia Head Office - Quezon City (CASH only at the moment as we upgrade our credit card facilities)
Digital Walker - 1. Greenbelt 5 2. Trinoma 3. Virramall (Nikon Concept Shop)
Tekpone - 1. Davao (Nikon Concept Shop)
Camerahaus - 1. SM North 2. SM MOA 3. DAVAO 4. CEBU 5. SM Manila 6. Iloilo 7. SM Megamall 8. Robinsons Galleria 9. Glorietta 5
Picture City - 1. SM MOA 2. SM Rosales 3. SM Bacolod 4. Sm Lucena 5. SM Fairview 6. SM Pampanga 7. Pasig 8. Ayala Center
PerfectShot / TCA - 1. SM North Edsa
JWL Int - 1. Mandaluyong City
CSP Digital - 1. General Santos City
Multi-Color - 1. Bicol City
Cagayan Photo - 1. Cagayan De Oro City
Prism 2 - 1. Baguio City
Rhabel's Photo - 1. Kalibo Aklan

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Artscow - Two 20"x30" Posters – only $18 shipped


It’s coming towards the end of the year so a new start to a new year is the perfect tonic to get off on the right foot. Give your walls a new comfortable look by blowing up your favorite photos and turn them into posters.
On the bargain shelf today, we have an offer for two medium posters, including free shipping, for a mind blowing of just $18. So for an average of just $9 each, you can create as many of these well-sized posters as you want. No order quantity and free shipping, this one is perfect as gifts for teenagers.

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Choose from either 18" x 24", 20" x 24" or 20" x 30" posters.

gold as an easy trade


To buy gold coins is advisable today. In fact, there are people who are gaining more profit here as compared to other businesses. This is attributed to the low status of stock market nowadays. Gold as we already know is easy to transport and easy to trade and even if we reduce the size or we resize it, it will never reduce its value. That is why many of us are investing in gold, some actually buy gold krugerrands. For wealthy people, buying gold serves as an investment at the same time it serves as their collection until the day they find the best way to gain money out of it. If you are interested in this kind of investment, United States Gold Bureau will educate you more about this and they are a reliable source of this item. Visit their website,

starbs vs nescafe



Now here is something my friend Glo shared with me sometime last month. After the VIA of starbucks comes out of the market, Nescafe then follows with their collection of coffee flavors too! and in fact, the famous brand released 6 blends for the joe-lovers to choose from… and what’s nice about it all?! is that Nescafe is way too affordable compare to the high end via :D

I just wish to have these flavors be available here too!

sexy lingerie


One of my friend shares her desire to shop for some nice and sexy holiday lingerie which she can wear during this season! We were actually surprised to hear that from her because you wouldn’t think that she can also be kinky at times! Anyways, aside from her desire to check out sites that offers fancy clothing like that, she also shared with us photos of the styles that she’s been looking forward to wear! and honestly, I find those really cute too! :D

gold to change lives


United States Gold Bureau is an institution that educates people on how gold can change our lives. Gold has been used by our ancestors and it is still used by us now. It is due to gold's elemental property, easy to trade, easy to transport and it doesn't change its value no matter what changes made on it. WSJ says Buy Gold, it is might be attributed to Gold's success in preserving an individual's wealth. Gold as we all know is being desired by anyone, in fact it is a common raw material for jewelries. Gold if understood by most of us is the best option we can have now as we are facing economic crisis worldwide. Visit this website for more details,

cartoon invading Facebook



Yesterday, I was tagged by a friend over at Facebook telling friends to change profile photos with a favorite cartoon character. So I did, found myself searching for a cool SMURF photo (aside from the fact that I was also busy searching for online affiliate programs that I can join in). And guess what, within 24 hours almost most of the people over at the said networking site has joined the bandwagon! You see, that simple act of changing profile photo is to actually join in the campaign against child abuse and it’s really good actually to see more people get themselves be involve this act for a good cause! :D

sweet treats


Now here are two reasons why I badly need stash of diet pills with ephedra! and not only these, I also had what, three grande servings of iced latte in just a week! Even the husband often kids me that for sure I’ll balloon and definitely will gain weight this coming holiday season :D And how can I stop when everything good and delicious are just about within my reach now?!

Anyways, here’s what we had during our last family date at Starbucks…


Belgian Waffle with cream in strawberry and chocolate syrup


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

drink and drive – not!


Have you experienced driving while under the effects of alcoholic beverage? Sometimes, even if we are not an alcoholic drinker, we can't avoid drinking alcoholic beverage due to a friend's request or any unavoidable situation. But after this, we still need to drive home and as we all know driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. In fact, there are charges that we need to face once we had been an offender of this law. In cases like this, you will need great Houston DWI lawyers. It is nice to know that lawyers of Madrid, Martinez and Associates are reliable and will provide you services that will give you courage and confidence. What are you waiting for, visit their website now,