Friday, April 22, 2011

Effects of Topamax

Pregnancy is always been desired by women. But being pregnant brings joy and difficulty to women. Some women experience different pregnancy complications, heavy morning sickness are experienced by most women and it is really hard. There are women who do not have a regular interval of menstruation and due to this irregularity; some women do not know they are pregnant unless they experience the symptoms. Some women got migraines and they take medicine to cure it. One of these medicines is topamax, topamax is a drug that is not advisable to pregnant women. Due to topamax that is being taken by the pregnant woman, her child was born with congenital defects like cleft lip with or without palate, fetal deformations and genital defects. If you think, you need to contact Topamax lawsuit for your case, then there’s no harm in trying. Try to get the benefits that you think you deserved, browse today.

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